In partnership with “Ecole Bateau Port Noir”, we offer comprehensive and individual boat operation Training with a view to obtaining a category A motorboat driving licence.

You will learn and practice all the manoeuvres required to obtain a licence:

  • Man overboard
  • Buoy catching and mooring
  • Lateral berthing
  • 180° U-turns in narrow waterways
  • Mooring between boats
  • General Navigation



  • for practice exam and licence delivery: minimum 18 year of age and successful theoretical DGV examination.
  • for logging practice hours: 16 years

The pupil will control a 5-metre semi-rigid hull Tarpon.


Courses are available from Monday to Sunday.


Half-hour courses minimum.

1 hour :    
120 CHF

VIP pack licence :

1500 CHF

The VIP pack licence is a guaranteed success a la carte formula that enables you to:

  • learn at you ease whilst enjoying yourself
  • navigate in the various Petit-Lac harbours

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