Suit your needs with a range of courses offered in partnership with MORAMORA to discover the many aspects of scubadiving:

1. Christening and underwater world discovery
2. Courses from beginner to professional levels
3. Leisure diving specialties
4. "TEC Diving courses"


For your peace of mind, all our courses are internationally certified (RSTC, CMAS, ISO).

With our training system, debuting in organisations like SSI, CMAS, NAUI ou PADI enables one to access higher echelons. Our team will be glad to provide information on the various organisations and advise on the better options for you.

Our «open and perfectionist» philosophy enables students to select their own menu in terms of:

  • Training type
  • Courses schedules (dates and time)
  • Media type:digital and/or paper
  • Certifying authority: SSI, CMAS, NAUI &TDI



Underwater world discovery

Christening in natural environment - Lake or pond


A lifetime exprerience, your first scuba dive in the waters of your own region will be credited to your future Open Water Diver record. Price: 150 CHF.



Scuba diving training – from beginners to professionals 

SSI diving courses

SSI LOGO Horizontal 207 50 

Open Water Diver & Junior Open Water Diver   OWD2  

This training cursus is amongst the world’s most famous.

The theoretical part is effected withan electronic «e-learning» manual at home, on your telephone or tablet. 

The practical part includes at least 2 swimming pool sessions and 4 to five natural environment dives.

Prerequisite: minimum student age, 10 years.  Price: 920 CHF.

Included : Pedagogical and theory kit, dives, material and certificate.


 Advanced Adventurer   advanced card med

 This course develops new skills and broadens experience:

  • Nitrox,
  • Dry suit
  • Navigation>
  • Night Diving
  • Deep diving

On completion of 5 specialising dives, the acquired experience will enable you to increase your authorised diving depth to 30 metres.

Perequisite: minimum student age, 12 years.   Price: 490 CHF.

Included : Pedagogical and theory kit, 5 dives and certificate.


Stress & Rescue
Diver Stress & Rescue trains to manage stress, equipment and various emergency situations that may occur during a dive.

The 3 to 4-day course includes theory as well as practice in pool and natural environment.

Prerequisites : minimum student age of 15 years and ReactRight/EFR and OWD ratings.  Price: 700 CHF.

Included : Pedagogical and theory kit, pool and natural environment dives, and certificate.


Dive Guide   DG

The Dive Guide cursus is the first step into professional diver ratings.

This programme objective is to train operational, multiple skill and quality divers. Dive Guides can monitor and guide divers.

Prerequisite : minimum student age 18 years.  Price: 1'100 CHF.

Included: Pedagogical and theory kit, practical exercises, test and certificate.


Divemaster  DM 

Dive Guides with Science of Diving rating turn Divemasters.

Divemasters can dispense Try Scuba (pool christening only) and assist SSI Istructors in pools/confined environment as well as in natural environment training sessions under their direct supervision.

Cours Science of Diving. Price: 450 CHF.

Programme Full Divemaster programme (Dive Guide and Science of Diving). Price: 1'500 CHF.


Dive Control Specialist (DCS)

Holder of a Divemaster or CMAS*** diver rating, you join the DCS programme because you are clearly attracted by teaching. It is your first step into Instructorship.

A Dive Control Specialist can monitor and guide certified divers, assist SSI Instructors in all course phases, teach both in classrooms and pools, handle Scuba Skills Update, Snorkelling and Try Scuba programmes

Prerequisite: minimum student age 18 years.  Price: 1'300 CHF.

Included: Pedagogical and theory kit, practical exercises, test and certificate.


CMAS / NAUI Diving Courses                                                                                      images

1- Star (CMAS P*) diver - Scuba Diver

A P* diver masters basic practical and theoretical sports diving rules. He learns to be both proficient in the use of his equipment and at ease in this new environment with an particular emphasis on safety and limitation issues. 

P* divers are able to dive in protected environments down to 15 metres.

Prerequisite: minimum student age 14 years.  Price: 920 CHF.


bk diver 1 
2-Star (CMAS P**)diver - Advanced Scuba Diver

A P** diver has a broader sports diving practical and theoretical knowledge base.

P** divers may dive autonomously with same-rating divers down to 25 metres.

Pratice includes at least 8 dives in natural environment.

Prerequisites: minimum student age 15 years and 30 logged dives.  Price: 1'100 CHF.


bk diver 2 
3-star (CMAS P***)diver - Master Scuba Diver

A P*** diver reaches an exhaustive practical and theoretical knowledge of sports diving. He is able to autonomously organise diving groups within optimal safety limits at sea, in lakes, in mountain lakes, at night etc, down to 40-metre depths.

He is qualified to lead groups including divers of all levels, to anticipate hazards by adapting the dive to prevailing conditions and provide assistance and aid if necessary.

Prerequisites: minimum student age 16 years, 50 post-P** logged dives.  Price: 1'600 CHF.


 bk diver 3



Leasure Diving Specialties

SSI, CMAS and NAUI offer a vast choice of specialties for all levels of divers.

For additional information on availble leasure options, click here.

SSI Diving Poster




Tec Diving                                                                                                               TDInaui tec square

We provide the following NAUI and TDI technical courses:

  • Intro to Tech (Introduction to Technical diving)
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Décompression proedures (Technical Decompression Diver) / Helitrox Diver
  • Trimix Diver
  • Sidemount


To enable us to meet your particular requirements regarding course details and rates, please contact us here.



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